The PSRA is mandated under Section 87 of the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 to maintain and publish a Commercial Leases Database (“the Register”). The Register is updated on a weekly basis and can be accessed by clicking on Commercial Lease Register.

A commercial lease is a lease for which Stamp Duty is paid to the Revenue Commissioners. This includes leases for offices, shops, industrial units and agricultural leases.

Tenants (person, company, organisation or public body) of commercial leases are required to return particulars of their lease to the Authority within 30 days of receipt of the stamp certificate from the Revenue Commissioners. The Authority will issue reminders to tenants where no return has been made in respect of the lease. The return can be made free of charge using the online form below.

The purpose of the Register is to enable transparency in the commercial rental market.  It provides a valuable source of information for those about to enter into commercial leases in enabling them to view and compare the cost of similar leases entered into. 

The PSRA therefore encourages all tenants of commercial leases to fulfil their statutory requirement to complete a commercial lease return on entering into a new lease. 


Click below to make the return

Foirm Tuairisceáin Léasa Tráchtála

Commercial Lease Return Form


Further Information on Commercial Leases

Bileog Eolais Foirm Tuairisceáin Léasa Tráchtála

Commercial Lease Factsheet


The Commercial Leases Unit of the PSRA can be contacted on 046 9033800 or by email for further information or assistance in making a return.