The Property Services Regulatory Authority (the Authority) was established on 3rd April 2012 pursuant to the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 (the Act) and is the statutory body with responsibility for licensing and regulating the property services sector in Ireland. One of the key functions of the Authority is to operate an effective licensing system covering all Property Services Providers. Under the Act, all persons (including companies, partnerships, sole traders and employees) providing property services in Ireland must be licensed by the Authority. The Authority issues four categories of licence, linked to the four categories of property services defined in the Act:


  • Auctioneers: Persons engaged in the auction of property other than land (Licence Category A)

  • Estate Agents: Persons engaged in the purchase or sale of land by whatever means (Licence Category B)

  • Letting Agents: Persons engaged in the letting of land (Licence Category C)

  • Management Agents: Persons engaged in the provision of property management services in a multi-unit development on behalf of a management body (Licence Category D).


Property Services Providers must only provide the service for which they are licensed. Licences are renewable on an annual basis. All licence applications, both first-time applications and renewals, must be completed online at


Further Information on Licensing


  • You can find more details on the requirements and minimum qualifications for a new licence in the New Licence Applications section.


  • For further information on the process for renewing your licence please see the Renewal Application section.


  • All applications must be completed on Applicants can upload supporting documentation and pay the licence and compensation fund fees through their account.


  • Any licensed principal officer/employee who leaves their employment must inform the Authority immediately and surrender their licence identification card to the Authority. If the person then commences employment, in the provision of property services, with a different employer they must submit a Change of Property Services Employer form. This form is available on


  • Applications to add an additional licence category to an existing licence are available on


  • The Authority publishes a Register of Licensed Property Services Providers and you can view the register by clicking here.