Compliance Audits

The Authority is mandated as part of its statutory regulatory functions, to carry out compliance audits of its licensees.  The Authority believes audit inspections have a dual purpose, firstly to identify breaches of the Act but more importantly a means of driving compliance and to deliver a consistent professional standard of service for all clients of property services providers.

The Authority engage contract investigators with the necessary expertise to undertake compliance audits on behalf of the Authority.

The Authority continues to conduct audit compliance inspections of licensed businesses by outsourced inspectors and PSRA Regulatory Inspectors. 


Covid 19

Conducting Compliance Audits Remotely

Due to the current pandemic, face to face compliance Audits are suspended as Inspectors are unable to attend places of business.  The Authority has developed a process to conduct compliance audits remotely in order to continue its legislative function.  

Licensees selected for audit will be required to submit a number of documents electronically for inspection.  To facilitate this process and to ensure documents are uploaded in a safe and secure manner the PSRA will manage this process by operating the Sharefile system.

Detailed instructions on how to operate the ShareFile system, along with supplementary documents which will assist in the preparation for an Audit, will be forwarded electronically to the Licensee on whom an audit is to be conducted by the Inspector.  Further information on how this process will operate will be made known in advance to licensees selected for audit. 


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