Overiew of PSRA CPD

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an ongoing duty for licensees to undertake education and training for the purpose of maintaining professional competence. All licensees must undertake a minimum of 5 verifiable hours of formal PSRA CPD education in each calendar year.


The delivery of this programme was awarded by the PSRA to two accredited bodies, the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) and the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI) on foot of a tender process. Both IPAV and SCSI are delivering the PSRA CPD programme to all licensees, regardless of whether you are a member of either body.


The commencement of the PROPERTY SERVICES (REGULATION) ACT 2011 (MAINTENANCE OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE OF LICENSEES) (AMENDMENT) REGULATIONS 2020 provides that all 5 hours mandatory PSRA CPD can be completed online.


To avoid issues relating to verifying your completion of PSRA CPD, please ensure that when registering, you submit your PSRA licence number exactly as it appears on your PSRA licence card.


Upcoming CPD Events:

IPAV PSRA CPD - Details will be available shortly

SCSI PSRA CPD - Click Here to Enrol


Further information on CPD

Continuous Professional Development for PSRA Licensees

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Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 (Maintenance of Professional Competence of Licensees) Regulations 2017

Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 (Maintenance Of Professional Competence Of Licensees) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 - SI 348 of 2020